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A Mother's Story
Not all Massage therapist get off easy on their first conviction!

This incident happened in a same township with approx. an 8200 population, just outside of Port Huron Michigan.

In Jan. 2007 I started taking my daughter and myself to a local massage therapist for medical reasons.  On Jan. 29th 2007 The therapist sexually assaulted my daughter. She didn't tell me until two days later, at which time I called our local sheriff's dept.

Feb 8th 2008 in conclusion to our jury trial, the jury found the massage therapist guilty! He was sentenced March 10th 2008 to prison for 7 to 15 yrs.

There were three other victims that came forward after my daughter's assault first hit the local newspaper last year. The Prosecuting attorney combined all cases into one and was able to get convictions on all counts.

From our local paper:

Man gets prison for molesting clients

Times Herald

A massage therapist convicted last month of sexually assaulting four female clients was sentenced Monday in St. Clair County Circuit Court to serve seven to 15 years in prison.

Before Judge Daniel Kelly doled out the punishment, Glenn Parr, 35, of Port Huron, vehemently denied he did anything wrong and said it was the women who banded together to bring a case against him.

Parr denied having provided a written statement of guilt to investigators.

"I have a beautiful girlfriend I go home to every night," he said. "Why would I do this?"
The first of the females to come forward was a then 17-year-old girl whom Parr penetrated with his finger and fondled Jan. 29, 2007. The girl said he then kissed her on the forehead, apologized and told her it wouldn't happen again. She told her parents about the assault two days later.

At the time, Parr owned Addictive Healing Massage Therapy at 2834 Stable Drive in Kimball Township. Parr appeared in the courtroom Monday in plain clothes, free on a $30,000 bond.

His lawyer, Daniel Damman, took issue with the prison term recommended after a pre-sentence investigation. Damman said the recommendation called Parr "predatory."

To be "predatory," Damman said, "Mr. Parr must have personally sought (the 17-year-old victim) out as a client," and he did not.

Senior Assistant Prosecutor Mona Armstrong said Parr manipulated his scheduled appointment with the girl and then offered to drive her home afterward.

"It's very clear what he had in mind," Armstrong said.

In a victim-impact statement read during the sentencing hearing, one of Parr's victims said the case came down to four "women who chose to come forward," and there were "five more (victims who chose not to) put themselves through this ... how many more are there out there?"

The Times Herald does not identify victims of sexual abuse.

The case against Parr was built on the testimony of the four victims and a signed confession in which Parr drew a line across the diagram of an outstretched hand indicating how far he penetrated the youngest victim with his finger, Armstrong said.

Parr told Kelly that he and his family are the real victims.

"They've gotten their stories together, (but) this stuff never happened. It could never happen," he said. "They have issues, not me. I'm going to sleep well at night."

Armstrong asked Kelly to consider Parr's lack of remorse when sentencing him. The judge told Parr he had a right to maintain his innocence.

He may believe he "is the victim of a vast conspiracy," Kelly said. "That is your right, and there are many victims in this case. But you, Glenn Parr, are not one of them."

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